Aug 29, 2009

Men's style: Russia VS Malaysia

Years have passed since Mr Schuman's first entry and many ambitious photographers follow suit. Obviously I don't have all the time in the world to follow all the mushrooming personal style blogs, but recently I have discovered some cool men's styles, sourced from my newly-found style sites from 2 countries that are close to my heart (Malaysia and Russia). And so the battle between these two countries begins....

ROUND 1: Laid-back dandyism

team Malaysia

team Russia
ROUND 2: Simply the best

team Malaysia

team Russia
ROUND 3: Edgy attempt

team Malaysia

team Russia
ROUND 4: Patterns galore

team Malaysia
team Russia
ROUND 5: Denim, scarves and layering

team Malaysia

team Russia

images from:, KL street style

Can the underdog in fashion world team Malaysia will emerge victorious in this style war? With a team of fairly diverse players, things seem to be looking up a bit in this mundane country, style-wise... Can team Malaysia manage to recover from the ashes, straight into style glory?

But more advantage sides team Russia in the physical department. Throwing in the layering factor, Russia seems to looks pretty strong against Malaysia in this match... who will be crowned as the victor? I sense an intense rivalry, gentlemen!

P.S: I noticed that is quite interactive. The users are encouraged to create a healthy discussion over the looks posted. Despite a few unsightly insensitive remarks from some users the comments are strictly moderated and any comments that are deemed uncalled for will be shaded in grey (and the user's ratings will dwindle, natch). Unfortunately for the time being the site is operated fully in Russian language, but I'm sure it's sufficient for you guys to appreciate the looks from the natural beauties of Eastern Europe :)

P.P.S: Apologies for the seemingly long blogging hiatus. But I'll make up for it, I promise!


Adam said...

hey mate ive read your blog a couple of times. nice work! russia & malaysia are two very different countries...


O-man said...

team malaysia failblogdotcom!!

p.s.: sekiranya muka jawa..usah lah.

H&F said...

We are not a 4 season country and I'm not a huge fan of the hot weather eventho I have been here all my life. So I don't do much of the layering, scarves and all those crazy stuff. I opt for the laidback LA. California style. That is just so me.

Pre-washed white tee, skinny jeans, black shoes, some vintage rings or necklaces and I'm ready to go=)

naboonies said...

Adam, hey what's up mate! Thanks for stopping by. I agree both countries are so different. Apples and oranges really HAHA

Oman, why do Msians fail? Sebab muka JAwa? hahaha.

H&F,yes the humid tropical weather here somehow restricts our daily outfits to t-shirts and flip flops... which is not good for someone like me who likes to dress up and throw a couple of layers on.

I have lots of jackets and stuff from years living abroad, and it's a real shame I can't use them anymore in Msia. But I do try to layer in cooler places like in shopping malls or at the cinemas!

malaychic said...

Go clubbing jeng..i told u , go clubbing!!

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