Jul 14, 2011

Whimsical trends: dying for tie-dyes

Phillip Lim's 2012 Spring Summer collection is filled with great styling and most importantly, wearable separates. I think this is very crucial in fashion especially in menswear, when most of the guys will tend to steer towards simpler and cleaner looks. In this collection the simple cuts and slightly roomy silhouette is especially augmented by the ingenuity in styling.

What I like most from the collection the most, apart from the smooth earthy colors, sea foam green and electric blue are the hombre-effect shirts and trousers. Definitely a good sprucing up for the all-white fabric, and definitely reminds me of my cheapie New Yorker degrade oversized cardigan.

Does this call for another DIY attempt? Possible and feasible, I think!

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