Jan 15, 2012

The JPO experience - Burberry outlet

image credit: JPO website
It's definitely a bit too late for this entry as I believe most of Johor Bahru folk and even Malaysian Peninsular citizen, who are slaves for luxury labels for less (shamefully I am apparently in that category) have probably heard about the opening of Johor Premium Outlets, purportedly to be the first in South East Asian country (yes, with the Prime Minister visit and all that brouhaha).

For those who might still be wondering, the outlet roughly is like the ones they have in Europe (Bicester Village in England and La Vallee in Paris if I took a lazy analogy). Similarly in concept the place boasts an outdoor shopping experience of discounted off-season items, be it apparel, accessories, luggage or even home furnishings.

I for one had the opportunity to visit the place recently. Travelling by car the location is not very difficult to find - it perches just next to the PLUS highway heading to Kulaijaya. And coming after the Christmas/New Year period definitely had its perk - I did hear about the dreadfully long queue outside Burberry and Armani outlets during the holidays...

The list of shops go quite extensively here, covering both womenswear and menswear. For the gentlemen among the highlights are the tailoring heavyweights including Canali, Armani, Brooks Brothers and Versace (both stores opening soon),  Ermenigeldo Zegna and of course Burberry.


Quite naturally Burberry (the only outlet with two floors)  has this inexplicable aura of attraction with visitors lining up outside, all because of the tight security control at the door, in order to ensure a quality shopping experience I believe. Or otherwise the staff might be overwhelmed by the throng of customers who most likely will peruse instead of doing a 'real' purchase (judging from the customers demographics who will bring along babies and perhaps their niece and nephews as well?) Shoot me all you want but I don't think shopping outlets, or even malls is the place for children small enough they virtually need a stroller to move around in...

But anyway, amazingly most of the items in Burberry are half-priced, including from the ever-so-directional Prorsum line. This also means one thing - a purchase from the collection (which I will write about later).   Do I hear post-Christmas overspending?????

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