Feb 10, 2012

Architecture: Panggung Anniversari Kuala Lumpur

I won't say that I'm architecturally inclined but I'm always attracted to visuals and design. Seeing beautiful or interesting objects and buildings definitely excites my vision. So when I saw this amphitheater in the Lake Gardens, located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, I might have ogled my eyes a bit.

The dominantly white design of the structure is quite elegant I feel. I am also a big fan of simple designs and muted color tones when it comes to buildings (except the buildings in question were built centuries ago, where ostentatious tapestries and bold colors were the norm)...

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But I have just one question - when exactly this amphitheater used, because I couldn't recall any event being staged here? But I found a video clip proving the function if this structure as a venue for arts/ entertainment (this is way back before the amphitheatre's renovation in 2009. Back then it was called 'Panggung Anniversary'. Ah, it just shows that I never went out for such events when I was little...

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