Feb 8, 2012

Ushering in February with Kikki K

Recently I have been attracted to quality, affordable stationery. Just because working in the government sector gives one a perk of free unlimited pens, journals and diaries every year, it does not mean that I should, in a gullible manner, accept whatever things I'm provided with, no matter how substandard the quality is.

But fortunately all that comes to an end with the emergence of Swedish stationery label Kikki K, offering quality items in understated Scandinavian design.

When I was at the shop I was actually in  a dire need of durable pocket-size notebook. Perhaps most of you would jump to me and ask why not buy Moleskine? But honestly their faux leather covers means a shorter lifespan in my pockets. Instead, the ones that I purchased at Kikki K possess recycled leather covers, with the company's label subtly embossed on the front.

Being reliably durable and eco- conscious have ticked the right boxes for me, and it was more than adequate to lure me into purchasing these notebooks...
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