Mar 24, 2012

Shattered platform dreams

I have always accepted the reality that I am vertically challenged, but to me there is nothing wrong to add a few extra inches to the height instantly. Ladies have the options to wear heels / platformed shoes like these ones from Chic Yamada.
Chic Yamada platform 1 Chic Yamada platform 2 
But what about the guys? Any possible options without looking overtly feminine nor outlandish? No, I did not resort to undergo the dreadful leg-lengthening surgery, of course. Better, I thought that I might add thick layers of platform to the Calvin Klein booties (which were originally heel-less, with thin soles that I pretty much despise). I brought the booties to a guy who does wonders with shoes (he repairs and custom makes shoes at a very affordable price point) with an ambitious hope in mind to add up foam soles, despite that guy's skeptical opinion. Little did I know that such measure would not last me that long - in fact, it only took a few strides and a jump to break the platform away from the original soles...
Calvin Klein booties Calvin Klein booties 2

Perhaps I should consider the bone-breaking procedure then?

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