Apr 1, 2012

Adventure in tailoring - Burberry Prorsum jacket

 Personally I do not put outerwear first in my wardrobe list. However, it seems that lately I find myself searching for a good jacket - sometimes a man needs an outer shell to provide his body a structure. And more increasingly so I find myself in a position which requires me to wear such apparel from time to time again.

I am quite lucky to have found a reasonably good jacket from Burberry Prorsum from AW 2009/2010, a purchase acquired at the Johor Premium outlet (read the post about JPO here). The charcoal wool jacket is love at a first sight, and teamed with an affordable price, it was almost an impulse purchase. But I sat down for a while and figured that it was time step up to another level in my style searching endeavor - a tailored piece is deemed worthwhile.

The runway image (courtesy of vogue.co.uk)

Burberry Prorsum AW09/10 Burberry Prorsum AW09/10
The original jacket boasted fairly narrow lapels, working button sleeves, and lovely vents. But alas, my petit size could only mean that a bit of customising was in order. As a result of tailoring, the sleeves are chopped off (well, not literally, but you know what I mean) and sadly the buttons on the cuffs are now sitting there deceivingly for display only.

Burberry Prorsum AW09/10 Burberry Prorsum AW09/10 Burberry Prorsum AW09/10  
I was hoping that the buttons are really wooden, but they are not

Burberry Prorsum AW09/10 Burberry Prorsum AW09/10 
I teamed up the jacket with Topman shirt, Celio trousers, Paul Smith loafers and Uniqlo socks and Guess watch.

All in all, however, I am quite happy with the purchase and I could foresee many uses out of this jacket in the future. I am planning to dress it up, or even wear it casually for that occasional dinner in a relatively posh place...


Christina said...

That jacket is gorgeous, I love it. That's perfect for dinner.

Christina @ Cashmere Sport Jacket

naboonies said...

Thank you Christina! :)

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