Jul 8, 2012

Architecture: Jonker Walk 2.0

Can I say that the froggie stool in my previous post was totally a purchase on a whim? I'm currently using that kiddie-sized stool as a quick bum support whilst I tie my shoelaces (well, at least that whimsical buy has its purpose now).

I'm putting a 2.0 to the title following the first visit to this old Chinatown part of Malacca last year. But this time around I managed to bask in the glory of 38 degree Celsius afternoon heat and managed to snap a few pics that probably look miles better than the ones taken at night.

The post will be basically a barrage of images so beware...

As you would probably have known this part of Malacca city used to be the hustle-and-bustle part of the Chinese quarter back in the 20th century, where trade took part in on the narrow streets of the town.

Here you can see the rare amalgamation of Straits Chinese and traditional British architecture (other notable places with this kind of influence are in Singapore and Penang - I have covered about the beautiful Ann Siang Hill in Singapore here).

The light was my best friend that day - I managed to photograph the intricate details of the tapestries of the shopfronts, courtyards and people in general...

And travelling in the usual business hours meant that I got to see a lot of beautiful antique objects, and the usual random knick knacks:

Fancy for a bit of retail? No glittery designer stuff here, just small shops selling independent brands:

The Orang Utan House sells t-shirts with tongue-in-cheek slogans and pop art...


As for me, I managed to grab a cheaaaaap ass backpack from a souvenir shop (of all places), which I will blog about very very soon. 

Stay tuned!

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malacca2u said...

I am blogging on general subjects with emphasis on Melaka for the tourist references.

This is my blog http://generalabout.blogspot.com/

Your photos are good.

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