Jul 15, 2012


House of Holland edt3

It's so easy to give titles my outfits posts nowadays. Add an '-ed' suffix to any noun and bam, I'm ready to go. Batik-ed, paisley-ed. What's next? Baju Kurung-ed in Marc Jacobs Resort 2013 perhaps?

And I probably should have named this entry 'Unflatteringly Bulbous Silhouette with Hairy Chicken Legs' as well. But I simply can't. In fact, I am refraining myself to do so. It's all because of this dirt cheap haul from MUSA sale, currently ongoing. (I said dirt cheap as the dirt that my mother buys to supplement her bougainvilleas is in fact, priced a tad higher). Previous season's House of Holland and Peter Jensen at a very very competitive price made me cross my comfort zone of streamlined clothes to a rather experimental one:

house of holland edt

Now you can see why I should've named this post 'Unflatteringly Bulbous Silhouette with Hairy Chicken Legs'  - the illusion of big beer belly by this House of Holland's shirt, only enhanced by the jodhpur shorts by Peter Jensen. Anyhow, this latest find further propagates my love of paisley motifs...


Paisley bandana prints played a major role in House of Holland's AW2011 collection. Heavily influenced by the Eighties, he managed to update the retro look with that certain sassiness, which translates into commercial success. 


House of Holland edt2
House of Holland paisley shirt, Peter Jensen linen jodhpurs shorts, Tophop studded shoes, Comme des Garcons pouch

House of Holland edt5

Peter Jensen SS2010, Laurie collection

Runway image of Peter Jensen, the Laurie collection SS2010. It clearly shows that the jodhpur fits the model better than my grizzly, stunted legs. (The hip-bearing look is previously loved by me in this post.) But the linen material makes it a good pair of summer shorts, nevertheless!

House of Holland edt4

The old Topshop studded shoes, which, in my feeble attempt to augment by adding customised foam soles, have caused them to be quite unwearable. I mean, I can't even walk straight without having them accidentally pulled off of my feet. Oh well...

Happy Sunday!

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