Oct 9, 2012

Malacca 3.0

To wander alone at the UNESCO heritage site in Malacca last weekend was just the right moment trying to have a little time of peace for myself - figuring out life and its purpose, things that are important to me right now (family, friends, current job, Dunia Fashyon, last but not least) and just basically soaking in the beautiful terrain, steep in nostalgia.

I brought my DSLR and had a great inspirational moment capturing photos of the picturesque and historical surrounding. DF has never seen a post with this too many images (it's good to have a first for everything) and this is rightly the time for a barrage of pictures: collaged, edited, filtered and saturated like nobody's business...
The Dutch graveyard. The tombstones are painted in pristine white - eerily romantic, if you ask me.

The journey began at St Paul Hill, where the remnants A'famosa fortress, the Dutch cemetery and the St Paul church are. There's this dilapidated red building which used to house an 'Art Gallery', which now has obviously been abandoned. There was a label that claims that the building is kept under the "heritage building conservation enactment" but so far there were no signs of reviving this colonial mansion as of yet.

 A quiet alley beside the Art Gallery

 Next to the former Art Gallery building, just opposite the museum Stadhuys (which used to be the municipal hall) is this small health clinic, consisting of a few disjointed blocks. I cannot imagine the hectic operational hours of this government facility...
 Jalan Gereja health clinic

Around the Stadhuys lie a few buildings painted in red, just like the Stadhuys itself. This has become an inevitable identity of Malacca's historic structures.

 Melaka Art Gallery

Stadhuys building from the side entrance

Courtyard inside Stadhuys

The Melaka river itself is rich in legends and has witnessed a few key events that has moulded Malacca history. It used to be the entrance of merchants from the ocean nearby and served as the battleship docking area during the invasion by the Portuguese.
 Officer on the bike

Malaca is also synonymous with this celebrated, and mostly, overly embelisshed trishaws to the point of gaudiness. The plastic flowers kind of remind me Christopher Kane's recent flora-infused collection...

St Paul church, perched atop the St Paul Hill was an important religious institution. Currently it is empty and unused, housing memorial plaques of the fallen Dutch officers.

photos and words by Hafidzudin

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Too bad I had to miss this.

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