Dec 1, 2012

Yohji Yamamoto : the book

Yohji Yamamoto is a designer who does not need any introduction in the realm of subversive design.

He is responsible for the redefinition of how a glamorous woman should look like by deconstructing garments and turning them into something bizarrely beautiful. The designs are quiet, with subdued palettes and minimal (or devoid of) embellishments, often combining elements of Parisian couture and Japanese traditional costume.

For me, acquiring the self-titled book recently (produced by Assouline and written by the late Fran├žois Baudot - the notable French writer, art and fashion critic who tragically committed suicide at the age of sixty) is a small step to understanding the complexity and the richness of his masterpieces. It is not my place to describe his creations in detail, as that would seemingly be a futile attempt. But as I mentioned repeatedly in this blog, I'd like to grow old clothed in Yohji Yamamoto.

I hope you enjoy the snippets from the book, as I very much did...


gunmetal said...


Sometimes I think books are a better purchases then designer purchases. The photographs are inspiring and you get to see pieces which represents the pinnacle of their creativity (this pieces which are usually way out of anyone's price range)

I just bought 2 Mcqueen books from overseas. Very inspiring even though there's not one page devoted to men's fashion. Tempted to get the Margiela book next.

naboonies said...

Gunmetal, you are probably correct when you mention buying books are better than getting designer clothes. The imagery serves a fantasy, and to me fantasy can be more fulfilling than having a real object that I most likely cannot afford in the first place.

You have TWO McQueen books? How exciting! Please share with us. Have you got a Twitter?

Margiela book is one of my wish lists too but they can be so expensive, even the second-hand ones!

gunmetal said...

I don't have twitter, i prefer to keep my fashion thoughts to myself ;)

I have three Mcqueen books in total plus a small collection of Alexander Mcqueen men shoes.

The books I have are Savage Beauty, Loves Looks Not With The Eyes and Evolution. I've had Savage Beauty for a while, and only just recently bought the latter two overseas. Total weight - 4kg :( Bad news for my baggage.

I saw a Balenciaga book that cost double/ triple the cost of the Mcqueen title. Margiela and Rick Owens are just as expensive. This is a case where someting Mcqueen is actually more affordable haha! :D

naboonies said...

Can't believe how heavy the books are! Either way I'm sure they're loaded with beautiful photos. Okay you made me want to save up for the Margiela book haha

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