Apr 25, 2013

Lacoste in action

Living in a country with tropical climate requires one the wear more often than not for comfortable, perspiration-friendly clothes. I do love me some artfully layered outfit combo and try to incorporate that but somehow it feels a bit too ambitious (and silly, frankly) to don a blazer/jacket, despite the thinness and breathability of the fabric in such unforgiving humidity. I certainly feel good about looking sharp in such look but the prospect of being drenched in sweat the moment I walk out of the overly air-conditioned malls/cinemas is, in fact, one of the pitfalls in fashion that I try to steer away from.

Therefore I think that an 'investment' piece (a misleading phrase fashion publications frequently use to coax people into buying ridiculously expensive bags/shoes) of Lacoste polo shirts is in order. Actually, three Lacoste polo shirts to be exact. It seems that my fashion purchases are usually more 'fashion' rather than utilitarian. But in this case I'm killing two birds with one stone with the benefit of the climate-friendly fabric (I could just walk in the streets under the sun and minimally perspire) and the fact that they are not the usual plain old Lacoste polos when these are replete with cheeky prints and everything.

Never mind that these shirts are past season items as I'm convincing myself that it's a wonderful tactic to discover new design collective which I've missed due to thousands of new products being bombarded from every corner of social media each season...

This is a Fall/Winter 2012 collaborative venture which saw Lacoste pairing up with the American illustrator. The graphic and borderline gory scene presented in childlike explosive colours is what made me pick this shirt in the first place. A T-Rex gobbling down a gigantic worm and creepy creatures lurking in a dystopian jungle? YES and YES.

Worn with my dad's vintage trousers, Marni at H&M sandals, Cotton On weaved paper hat

Lacoste L!VE has teamed up with Paris collective Cool Cats to create a graphic capsule collection for Fall/Winter 2011. Cool Cats is a design collaboration that consists of Pedro Winter, So-Me and Michael Dupouy, who have a cool blog and have apparel designed by them sold over at their online shop. I'm sold for the adorable design which includes a cheeky cat (resembling Cool Cats emblem) devouring the 'Lacoste' crocodile. It somehow feeds the inner sadistic in me seeing blood (in a cute red drop, no less) dripping from the triangular cat face whilst consuming the alligator...

Worn with Uniqlo jeans, Nike shoes, eBay sunglasses

This piece is suspiciously from the ladies department based on the feminine pastel tones and the rather slim-fitting silhouette, although I believe most of Lacoste polos are unisex - one just need to pick larger sizes for guys to wear the supposedly 'ladies-only' shirts. The insouciantly smudged stripes of pastel is great and so subtle, I think it will be my trusted polo this Spring/Summer (of course I'm half-deluded saying this as Malaysia is perennially stuck in summertime).

Worn with custom tailored paisley trousers, Prada shoes, eBay sunglasses

Micah Lidberg illustration via micahlidberg.com, Cool Cats images from 25gramos.com and sneakers-actus.fr, outfits images by Hafidzudin Zainal
Words by Hafidzudin Zainal

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