May 20, 2013

Sometime by Asian designers

My mission attending last November's Urbanscapes was to finally feel what it was like to be a festival-goer, and of course it was not supposed to involve shopping at all. But it was hard to be firm on my principles if there's something wonderful enticing me, especially when it comes in the form of good-looking and affordable bags. I stumbled upon Sometime booth right in the middle of the field, quite separated from all the music action that was going on.

Sometime Jutes bag in blue 

Sometime by Asian Designers, as the name literally suggests, is a 'street fashion' handbag brand designed by a group of Asian designers that are trying to find their way up in the design industry. Their website showed a few familiar faces like the e-commerce mogul Vivy Yusof and the celebrated blogger Maria Elena, besides regional designers from Korea (Eun Chang and Been Kim), Thailand (Sireena C and Eve) and Malaysia (Alian, John L).

What I love about Sometime is the fresh designs and the sturdiness of the material used to construct the bags. Never mind the fact that I prefer genuine leathers for my bags but the assuring firmness of the polyurethane has sealed the deal for me. The bags are reasonably priced for the young shoppers too (I have seen poor-quality PU bags with an exorbitant price tag!).

Having a Malaysian handbag label like Sometime has proven that objects of a certain quality can actually be made affordable. It is certainly a bright future for this young label to flourish in Malaysia's fashion industry.

 wearing polka dot t-shirt from Sungei Wang, Peter Jensen capri pants, Jil Sander shoes, bracelet from Beeyinalicious

words by Hafidzudin Zainal
images by Zarifah Zainal

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Asyik Izas said...

i love handbag design from Sometime..:)


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