Jul 10, 2013

Adventure in tailoring: Uniqlo and Burberry Prosum blazers

You probably have known that I always lament the fact that living in a tropical country limits the possibility for layering clothes (unless one continuously stay in air-conditioned buildings), and to make things worse my profession is a unapologetically cruel one when it comes to dressing up. Wait, there's no such thing as dressing up being in healthcare. I'm forever in my white coat and sometimes I do wear some fashion-y things as a little pick-me-up and I'd Instagram the images (finally, I have Instagram as I bought an Iphone recently!).

So you can understand that getting properly dressed up is an anticipated moment that I always look forward to - I try to take the chance during fashion-related events (not that frequent, honestly) and, surprisingly during a recent out-of-town conference that required us to don suit jackets or blazers because of a)formality and b)the air-con was on full-blast. Needless to say these outfits are somewhat a feeble attempt to be dapper and all sartorially interesting...

 Wearing Uniqlo Oxford shirt, linen blazer and pants, Raf Simons waistcoat, thrifted Bally monk strap shoes, Comme des Garçons pouch

Wearing Burberry Prorsum woolen blazer, Raf Simons waistcoat, Mexx grandad collar shirt, Uniqlo pants, Prada shoes, Ayame socks, Celine bag

And Happy Ramadan Mubarak to all muslims!

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