Nov 8, 2013

Hong Kong filler

As you could probably see from my Instagram account I'm in Hong Kong for a vacation with my family. Hong Kong is a very packed island and to be honest I've never been to such a crowded place before! Nevertheless it's still a lovely experience, though we didn't manage to explore and discover some things that we were looking forward to (i.e. outlet shopping!). The first two days have been drizzly and our trip was slightly hampered by the rain and misty view, that basically obscures the sight of Victoria peak ( addition we were ripped off by the travel agent who overcharged us for that particular Victoria peak experience!). We're heading back to Malaysia today and I'm planning to post about the trip in detail. But for now I hope an outfit filler will suffice...

Muji jacket, Cheap Monday sweater, Cheap Monday jeans, Ayamé socks, Céline bag, Nike shoes

Uniqlo hooded jacket, Balenciaga t-shirt, Mono by Isetan pants, Ayamé socks, Nike shoes

Uniqlo jacket, Lacoste Live polo, Mono by Isetan pants, Comme des Garçons wallet, Nike shoes

images by Zarifah Zainal

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