May 25, 2014

Hi. I'm back! (And I just came back from Bangkok)

The sunny Thailand (photo taken at IMPACT Exhibition Centre)

Four months since I've penned down something in Dunia Fashyon. FOUR MONTHS! What was I thinking? The truth is, it takes much more than stringing sentences together to produce an appealing blog. And I feel that the energy required for maintaining DF has taken its toll on me.
Or maybe I'm just the biggest procrastinator in the world - whenever there's an urge to post something for the blog, that will be exactly the time where an evil voice speaks to me, pulling me away from my keyboard.

In a paltry attempt to revive Dunia Fashyon (and hopefully my online presence), I present to you my recent travel to Bangkok, Thailand. And for the time being, I'll keep it short and simple for anyone who are still following DF (thanks so much for the supportive comments from my previous post - never did I know that I have 'real' readers all this while).

I had this trip with my closest friends back in the medical university. Everyone was so excited and I did not foresee the thrilling experience in the culture-rich and traveller-friendly city (nevertheless watching Thai films did give a glimpse of the overall vibe of the country). My first round of blogpost will be much of an outfit-centric / selfie-laden album (naturally DF is not really complete with borderline narcissistic imagery isn't it?). My Instagram account is filled with headless shirts and #shoefie so I guess the blog would be a more proper way to share my fashion. My following posts will revolve more on the places and boutiques that I secretly took photos from...

En route to Don Mueang airport via Air Asia (we bought the tickets almost one year ahead. Needless to say we got bang for the buck form this trip. Do I look super cranky and dishevelled? Just assume this is my Trivago guy look - Muji jacket and unbuttoned Uniqlo linen shirt.

On the way to IMPACT Exhibition Centre where the Adidas and Nike discount outlets were. Yes, I'm still a bargain hunter. I love the extra lady-like pose in this pic. LOL
Wearing (If you still care): Neverland tribal print shirt, Muji bag, random socks, Nike trainers, Seed drop-crotch pants

The stairs to IMPACT Arena is the perfect photo-op site.

The trip to the quite faraway IMPACT made all of us hungry. Luckily there's this halal food area along Petchaburi Road (BTS station: Ratchadewi).

Turns out that most of the hawkers are from Pattani and can converse in Malay excellently.

Inside Masjid Darul Aman near Petchaburi Road

The final day where we hoppen on to the boat on Chao Praya River and had a blast riding tuk tuk and free public bike,  drenched in Thai summer heat... Wearing (if you still care, again): Uniqlo hat, Zara flecked shirt, Uniqlo short, Muji backpack

That's all for now!

Text: Hafidzudin Zainal
Thanks to Yat for the excellent images.

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