Jun 19, 2014

Cameraderie: Weekend at Floria Putrajaya

The recent weekend my friends and I visited the floral exhibition in Putrajaya. We reached there at dusk, partly because earlier we spent a little too much time at IKEA (I bought another As-Is furniture in the form of Mälm chest drawers in birch - it was pain in the ass trying to dismantle the whole thing into my car), and partly just to escape the searing heat - Kuala Lumpur has been sauna-like this couple of weeks. Anyhow expectedly the exhibition is packed with vendor and exhibitors of all thing floral. Things that I liked: terrariums in fluid-like glass jars, vibrant coloured orchids, and enchanting exhibitions of flower gardens and orchid arrangements that could possibly inspire fashion/interior designers alike. The highlight of the expo for me are the costumes based on fairy-tale characters made from flower (what else?) and the masterpiece section of orchid gardens, presented by international participants under one of the tents.

 Thousands of recycled plastic bottles glimmering under the spotlight

Text and images by Hafidzudin Zainal

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