Jun 24, 2014

Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2014 - Day One

It's that time of the year again where Malaysian fashion designers congregate, street style peacocks prance around and insignificant bloggers like me meekly sit at the last rows (sad but true). But I feel grateful for the experience to witness the progression of (mainstream) Malaysian fashion scene. I'm not sure which direction it's heading to, but frankly it is going somewhere. At least away from the bridal fashion catering to new-moneyed Datins, smothering Raya peplums that we all know a bit too well (even my mum has outgrown that style in the 60's) or some garishly designed costumes suited for first year fashion student assignment. Thankfully the first shows include the ones who are paving their ways into fashion stardom and quite safely to say, has grown their group of cult followers...

Joe Chia

KL fashion folks have been jumping on the monochromatic bandwagon and it's partly thanks to this prolific Kelantanese designer. This fall/winter 2014 collection is about military interpreted in Joe Chia ways. Styling has never been an issue with this designer - all-black uniforms + Reebok shoe = modern day street warriors. I love the Yohji-esque mood in some of the looks, especially the roomy pants/culottes. I've been searching high and low for quality baggy shorts at an affordable price and judging from the collection, Joe Chia's pieces might be the answer for me.

Silas Liew

The reserved designer (I assume - I always feel that we have something in common with our personality, albeit never meeting him in person. Well, that's my delusion talking) collaborated with artist Shenton White to produce beautiful marble-print bags. Coincidentally I've taken an interest in marmoreal motif ever since Jil Sander marble suit phenomenon hit the blogosphere, although Shenton White print is more subtle. The clothings, on the other hand are very current and minimal with crop tops + bare midriffs a la Gwen Stefani circa 2000's and some subtle details, that is classical Silas methinks. Can't help but wonder if he will produce menswear again, since his Regnum Lepideum collection which I loved.

P/S: Always confused with how to pronounce his name (is it See-las OR Saai-las?) but I guess this Youtube clip will save me from potential embarrassment. 

Photos and images by Hafidzudin Zainal

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