Jun 28, 2014

KLFW 2014 - Jasmi Rejab, Justin Yap, Max Mak

It's the weekend and finally I have time to resume to play pretend as a fashion journalist (btw, congrats Suzy Menkes for the Conde Nast appointment). As KLFW line-up is a huge list of designers compacted into segments of shows, I feel the need to break day five of KLFW into a few posts and briefly voice out my personal comments. They don't necessarily need to be valid though (we all know too well that I'm not well versed with most of the designers' work, let alone their credibility/authenticity/aesthetics). Nevertheless I did enjoy most of the shows (thanks to the better sitting and therefore better images with the aid of my portrait lens - I forgot to change the lens during the day one show, d'oh!). Atmosphere-wise, the sense of camaraderie was high (designers supporting fellow colleagues in terms of attendance), and it' was good to see the wide mix of attendees with different styles, the occasional pop of fresh ideas and speaking as an industry outsider, the voyeuristic experience peeking into the lives of the creative lot...

Jasmi Rejab

Looking at his now-defunct blog, it's safe to say Jasmi Rejab collection has stayed true to its design DNA, but with an upgrade. The sexy silhouettes are still there, but this time around everything looks more refined. I particularly love the intricate pleat work and the fringes. To me, the show was executed well...

Justin Yap

Justin Yap's website is sleek and interactive (use arrow keys to navigate through the collections). Looking at his impressive about page - he honed his skills under Carven Ong, and now he has his own couture and ready-to-wear lines to boot - confirms such refinement of the collection. Everything looks fine and elegant (including the office-wear!). And for the footwear he collaborated with up-and-coming local shoe designer Nelissa Hilman. My favourite piece? The two-length skirt - short on one side and flowy on the other.

Max Mak

Last year I attended the show called Zeal by Max Mak and everything was severe, tight and super sexy. But this time around expect something girly in the form of adorable pastels with cutout, perspex-heeled shoes + colourful socks combo (genius styling!). I always have a soft spot for pastels and neoprene and the collection is mostly about both (well I think the fabric's neoprene)... basically it's a breath of fresh air from day one's army of blacks. Love to see the modern laser-cut motifs on the jackets and shorts, yes! P/S: The label has relocated to new Facebook address.

Words and images by Hafidzudin Zainal

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