Oct 25, 2008

My inspiration

Before I entered the realm of fashion blogosphere more than a year ago, little that I know the existence of wonderful menswear sites showcasing some of the most talented menswear designers in the world. Well honestly I thought good menswear websites don't exist at all - all the Internet has to offer is some shoddy, poorly-edited, commercial sites. Most of my time online was spent on drooling over woman's fashion, yes you read that right, how pathetic is that? But I still hop to those woman's fashion blogs from time to time - there's no reason not to celebrate the beauty of the dresses AND the models.

From one blog roll to another, I finally found my piece de resistance. Actually there are A LOT of menswear sites out there! This is currently my hit* :

1) mensrag.com - mostly of new, never-heard-of designers. Totally loving the stuff there!

2) skeletonlegs.com - this is more like an online lookbook for current season (Kotok loves this!)

3) breachofstyle.blogg.se - this chap has some quintessential Swedish style

4) stylesalvage.blogspot.com - relatively frequent update, and Steve is Susie Bubble's (stylebubble.blogspot.com) boyf, which is a plus!

5) thecablog.blogspot.com - I guess he has a similar aesthetic like mine.

*men.style.com is not included in this list(how do I put this..well, TOO COMMERCIAL for my taste)

There. I've told you mine. What are your favourite fashion blogs? (girl or boy clothes? no matter !)

Ooh aah THE Jessica Stam in colours, pattern and textures making me scream! See, ladies' fashion is not that bad for you tough guys out there.


safwan said...

love no. 1 and 4 :P

Ca said...

Oh wow... thank you for listing me here!

naboonies said...

@safwan: good2. welcome to the world of endless possibility ( in terms of coveting cool menswear)

@ca: you're welcome! totally love your style! I'm evolving my style and currently searching for the right stuff for me.

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