Oct 25, 2008

Elie Saab in Malaysia!

Whoa this is surreal! I just got this from tonguechic.com !!

Elie Saab, the fashion designer came to Malaysia yesterday (Friday). He will be in KL in conjunction with Red Ribbon Gala held by The Malaysian AIDS Foundation (MAF). The gala aims to raise funds in support of AIDS related charities around Malaysia. With sales of tables at RM35,000-50,000, the MAF hope to raise RM2 million.

There will also be an auction of a red Elie Saab cocktail dress! Right now I'm really jalouse of those lucky young Datin showered with money by Datuk husbands with deep pockets. (Ya not all Datuks are super rich okay!) Oh well I suppose they haven't even heard of this designer to begin with, let alone to appreciate the beauty of his creations.

For those who are not in the know, Elie Saab is a couturier whose most well-known creation is the dress worn by Halle Berry at the 2002 Oscars in which she won the best-actress award:

This is an exception: I think this dress is fugly!

The highlight of the event is a showcase of 49 pieces from Elie Saab's AW 2008/09 Haute Couture Collection! Some of my favorite designs (pics from Style.com) :

Loving the pleats + bow combo

Reminds you of Dior, non?

Ombré, ombré give me some hombres

Ladies and ladyboys raise your hands
if you want to get married in this dress!

Shite I'm really shitting my panties now! Haute Couture live in Malaysia? Hell no waaay! You can't imagine how I wish I could be there seeing, touching the fabrics and going backstage...


khalid said...

so did they achieve the target to raise the RM2mil?

khalid said...

hello.. testing 123

Ca said...

Ooooh, dreamy dresses!

naboonies said...

@ khalid: that is ought to be known. let's hope they make their target . It's for a good cause!

@ca: they are dreamy, aren't they?

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