Nov 30, 2008


No, don't misread the title as MILF, or I'll spank you good. Hah!

Really, MIFW or Malaysian International Fashion Week is in its 5th year running and they promise to wow the fashion circle with talented and upcoming fashion designers. The countries which take part in this year's MIFW are Australia, China, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, India, and Pakistan, to name a few.

MIFW is now the member of Global Fashion Association (with members including the organizers of NY fashion week and Miami fashion Week). Surprise surprise, this year MIFW introduces Sergey Teplov, a top Russian designer!

The opening shows are pretty cool actually: albeit some trendy pieces here and there, there are some quite captivating designs, e.g. from this Fillipino designer Joey Samson:

This dress reminds me of a less severe version of Gareth Pugh's vented creations from his SS09 show:

And the binded dresses from Chinese designer Ding Yong:

Eerie, non? They evoke some sadness, mystery and imprisonment impressions, if you ask me

And last but not least the homegrown label PU3:

Obviously they are channeling the 80's vibe with a twist: zippered head bands and dresses
Images and

Well from the looks of it MIFW is improving year by year. This event is apparently a melting pot of designs from Asia Pacific countries. It's an applaudable effort considering that Malaysian fashion scene is relatively an infant compared to its neighboring countries i.e Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore.

PS: Both of my BFF Kotok and favourite fashionista Bryanboy will be attending the shows. Say hi for me if you bumped into any one of them!

PPS: What's with the Bumiputra Designer Assosciation showcase? I don't get it. Do we need race-based political system in fashionland? Oh well.


angelus_izika said...

yg last tu chic giler...u dare to try something like that?

Ca said...

Hmmm... interesting pieces. And hey, Vietnam too?! Haha!

naboonies said...

@angelus: i mmg la dare to try such stuffs. tapi steakat dlm umah je lar. hehe

@ca: yep, Vietnam! most of the SEA countries took part in it.

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