Dec 21, 2008

Bon Anniversaire Mon Chou!

A big 23 to my dear friend Kotok. This February marks our decade of friendship. Hope all is well. As I promised you Kots here are the Naomi editorials for Vogue Russia December issue. (there's more from where this came from and yes, I scanned them from my own magazine)

Isn't she fierce? She's even fiercer than fierce!

Have a great birthday my friend!


angelus_izika said...

Bon Birthday gak Kotok!!!

send my love to him..and say thanks for teaching me the vogue-est way to open a door !! :)))


JEYQ said...

what's your email and i'll send you an invite?!

jellyfungus said...


you two look alike?? somehow. lol. much love!

naboonies said...

@ angelus: will do.

@ jeyq: i sent you my email adress already. thanks a lot!

@jellyfungus: a lot of ppl say we look alike. adik beradik lain mak lain bapak katenye. haha!


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qotoque said...


i know this is soo '3-years ago' but I just wanna say thanks for such a lovely post. a slot wholly for me next to Naomi Campbell? God I'm all honored ;)

i soo can't wait to indulge into that 'fabulously' thick Vogue myself. Aliona D is hotness & total genius!

on the other note, i am so proud of u & ur Dunia Fashyon. I see it's really growing now. Keep pouring those Volgo Fashion juice in...

Cheers to the fabulosity & fun in 2008 and may 2009 brings better wardrobe & success to us both!!


ps: cant wait for February. It's the Fashion month again!!(and the couture week & mens before tht~)

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