Dec 18, 2008

I'm Dazed and Confused!


Russia will get its own Dazed and Confused !!!!!!

I've been dreaming for this moment so I can lay my mitts on this mag. It's not that I know a lot of stuff about fash mags but trust me, this is one of the best and least commercial magazines (ehemm.. Vogue/Elle) out there.

The above pic is the sample cover of the pilot issue. The first issue ever will be published later next year. In case you're wondering the model (pictured above) is Russia's own Sasha Pivovarova.

Russia already has its own versions of Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Elle and all the big guns in publication, and now this? I nearly shat my panties y'all! It's funny that even fashion capitals like Pagheee and NY don't even have their own Dazed and Confused (the only international edition to date is Tokyo)

P/S: Apologies, I'm THAT lazy to type so please click on the wiki links above :)


angelus_izika said...

Sasha Pivovarova. ???

like..the "fathers name" actually mean "the bir brewer"??

angelus_izika said...

and its cool that Russia have grab this earlier than the conventional city of Paris and NY!!

maybe the company really want to land on now-and-upcoming fashion centre of Moscow and Tokyo?

L. said...

yes it's absolutly french :)
would you guess I was without knowing the title ? haha
thank you ;)

naboonies said...

@angelus:Pivovarova.. yeah I only realised! Russian surnames can be unconventional yes?

maybe it's some marketing strategy (considering Russia's recent economic boom). but then again i could'nt believe they do have an audience here in Russia. let's wait and see...

@L: yeah i thought so.. hmm... i couldn't have guessed that you're a french, because ppl just love french words as a blog title!

no problem. :)

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