Mar 5, 2009

Miu Miu Lucky Red, the Black Death and Unisex

Another post associated with the not-so-recent Chinese New Year. I had great fun partying at the hostel, which was organised by Malaysian Chinese students. The food was scrumptious, mild to my stomach and the decoration was cute and intricate! I wish Hari Raya was thiiis good and fun!

And this is what I wore during that event.

Unless you're living under a rock you must already know that the Chinese consider red as lucky and black, on the other hand, resembles bad luck / death.Justify Full

Well, in my case, I combined both! Is it an abomination or you people just don't follow this superstitious (no offense) rule anymore?

New Yorker faux leather biker jacket, ehem... (it's ladies' size S -> wow even I'm impressed!)
H&M Khaki slim pants : (recent purchase in Paris, who could refuse a 7 euro pant?)
Benetton tee

Stella McCartney cowl neck sweatshirt

Miu Miu slip ons: Loving these to death, albeit a bit too tight on my wide stubby feet. I'm getting more conscious not to damage the leather soles by sweating too much. This reminds me to wear foot socks more often...Anyhow the thought of Miu Miu not producing menswear anymore just significantly narrows MEN'S choices yet again.

Note to self: I just realized that everything that I wear from top to toe are bought in the ladies department. Can you spot the differences between today's menswear and womenswear (excluding the obvious ones, duh!)? Cause I can't.

I say YES to unisex clothing!!!


malaychic said...

I say YESSS to the power of Androgyny!!!

That cowl neck is soo mine once ure back here for goooodd. Even if it wont fit mon corps. LOL!

JEYQ said...

GREAT sweatshirt. at first i was like, "did he just put his hoodie on backwards?" haha and even if you didn't, i'm still gonna try it because GURRLLL stella mccartney isn't in my financial vocabulary.

about the image hosting sites, i can't tell you about flickr because i've never had an account with them, or maybe i have and it wasn't memorable enough. at any rate, photobucket is a great place to host your pictures. your photos have to be a high megapixel for them to show up big, but i think a 6.0+ should suffice. photobucket's fast and has some pretty cool editing features. you should definitely check it out!


hip hop fashion said...

I say yay! It's far from an abonimation, it's fab! Adding the cowl neck was not only creative of you, it's smart!

Ironic, my favorite color combination is red / black. So in the Chinese tradition, that may have to signify a lucky death? :(

Ca said...

Perfect leather jacket, love the asymmetric zipper!

I say YES to defying gender labels! Wear the things YOU like!

naboonies said...

@ malaychic: androgyny is on its way to the top right?

@JEYQ: nah, i just got the Adidas for Stella on sale eons ago, I'm sure it's affordable for poor us..

Thanks for the photo tips. Right now I'm using flickr, all is well for the time being..

@hip hop fashion: great marketing strategy, HA!

@Ca; Thanks, I've been looking for an affordable (cheappppp) faux leather jacket since forever.

Yay to AndroGYNY!!!!

Dinie said...

this remind me of that song!!

Atif said...

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