Mar 1, 2009

Happy (significantly) Belated Chinese New Year

For Chinese people out there, how did you guys celebrate the Chinese New Year? I for one did not even realize that CNY HAS passed quite for some time, until one of my classmates (classmates? sooo high school, I know) suggested that we should celebrate at a local Chinese restaurant called Shanghai Bar.

Yes, now you can punch me for my constant state of oblivion.

Anyways, we had fun eating out and talking about personal prospective, future working life, which is alarmingly inevitable, marriage (eeeek!) and all the stuff that matters in life. Hmm.... porn anyone?

The aftermath

These are my classmates, with whom I've studied together for six freaking years y'all! Oh, not forgetting Azzad who treat us all with the mouth-watering delicacies. I die when he said everything is on the house...Azzad, we should do this more often right?

L-R: Khalid, Azzad, Muhanna, Ai Chen, Ruzanna, Shakti (Kok Tong , not in the picture)

Specially for that day I wore a bow-tie (a pressie from Scotland from Helmi!) . I totally shat my panties y'all upon receiving this! Being a gift from a dear friend plus the classic Tartan print simply put my other SECONDHAND bow-ties to shame. That what makes certain pieces in my wardrobe so special and memorable :)

As usual my crappy and ancient digicam doesn't make the bow-tie justice.(better to buy MOAR clothes than gadgets, I say)

And I'm liking the double zipper look. Oh, it's just two pieces of coats layered together, don't be fooled!

Weekday supertight plaid shirt . Okay you can laugh at my barrel-chested trunk (I'm beating myself over this: why did I take an XS when size small is much more flattering?)

Cheap Monday jeans (recent purchase at Royal Cheese in Paris)

And the same old secondhand boots, which seem to be falling apart from the inside any minute now.

Good food, great company of friends and a moment of cam-whoring, what more can you ask?


Frederic said...

looks delicious.
Iekeliene´s so cute, lovely...

Giancinephile said...

What a cute bowtie! I love it! haha

angelus_izika said...

MOAR clothes!!!

hhaha..u rock!!

JEYQ said...

i love that you left the collar up. definitely a statement =]

great bow tie and you look great altogether!

Azzad said...

Great food, no one cares about your bow tie. Hahahah

naboonies said...

@fredirick: it's really delicious, i overate!

@giancinephile: thanks mkay!

@angelus: I know, MOAR clother pics coming up!

@JEYQ: thanks honey, the collar is really structured it's easy to lift it up.

@Azzad: hello, it's a fashion blog remember? Boo!HAHA

Ca said...

Aaaw, cute as pie in a bow tie!

Anonymous said...

woah.... ur face... its just woah... and no! its not a compliment

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