Apr 25, 2009

The Games, Peter Jensen Multipocketed tee

This weekend Volgograd has been filled with Malaysian students from all over Russia to participate in the annual inter varsity games. Don't ask me which event do I take part in...as I'm not a very sporty person obviously! But that didn't deter my spirit of games and friendship - yesterday I DID come to see the opening ceremony and some of the events, but looked very out of place with no Adidas / Nike written all over my clothes, ehem.

But I did wear my Lacoste plimsolls though...I guess that's the most athletic item I wore that day?

Cubus flimsy sweater, Peter Jensen for Topman tee, H&M jeans, Lacoste plimsolls, random socks

Closeup of the Peter Jensen for Topman muti-pocketed tee
The great thing about this simple tee is it's a great conversation-starter piece. People just love inserting their hands into the many pockets HAHA

The two-tone plimsolls up close

Oh yes I got this doctor bag from my mum's closet last summer. She was surprised when I asked her for this bag, saying what the hell do I need the bag for? (I just said I like it) But too bad I left it in Malaysia because the risk of excess baggage. So my dad had to ship it... (oops! spoiled brat much?) But it turns out to be another fine example of how unique accessories will get people talking! One girlfriend of mine even wanted to buy the bag from me, whoa~!

The faux alligator embossed print is kwl!

And the most exciting part is the 'Grand Dinner' tonight! Can't wait to see what interesting outfits will those peeps wear...


Dinie said...

sorry but what does it says on that cardboard thingy? heh!

lilienblaueleuchtreklame said...

i really like the bag. two weeks ago i bought a wonderful bag in a second hand store. similar to this one :)

Ca said...

Love the bag! And like Dinie I'm also curious about the cardboard, what does it say?

izzy said...

lovely bag. is it navy? reminds me of a sublime doctor's bag I saw on jakandjil not too long ago..

naboonies said...

Dinie and Ca, the cardboard reads Arabic 'Zamir'. It's my friend's name whom we were cheering for.

Lilien and Izzy, thank you, it's just my mom's old bag! and it's black in color by the way.

Sandeep said...

Hello there! Love your blog and the background you provide. I too am a learning health professional...so excited to see someone else out in the world like me.
Kudos to a wonderful blog.


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