Jun 9, 2010

A need rather than a want - Prada studded shoes

I have been thinking about the infamous Prada studded shoes these few days. They are a big hit from their  glorious studded Fall 2009 collection (which also features the beautiful studded coat oftenly used in editorials).

It's a shame that Prada in KLCC did not even stock those shoes. I was secretly hoping that they did, so I could admire the shiny metal details upclose instead of salivating over the images on the Internet.

My jealousy meter has gone up to the max seeing other guys who actually have the opportunity (and the dough of course) to keep the shoes as their treasured possession -Henry Holland and the chap from Hapsical to name a few. From his Tongue in Chic interview Henry actually admitted the Prada studded shoes are his biggest splurge on clothing items...

This motivated me, or rather, frantically sent me to a desperate attempt to search for the beautiful lace-ups on eBay. 

See what I found?


I know there's a slim chance of getting them online as last time the shoes were selling like hot cakes - according to Hapsical there was even a waiting list for them at Old Bond  Street when these shoes were released.

So if there are any guys out there who want to part with them shoes, please help me spare my suffering and kindly sell them to me.

I am a European shoe size of 40 (or UK 5.5 to 6)

Thanking you in advance - Dunia Fashyon.

*photo from gq.com


MuseMono said...

Omigod you're actually very lucky to be size 40! If I were a size 40 I could easily get women sneakers, not only they are cheaper ,they can be rare off-hands brands for men too. Think Chanel and Louboutins alike. LOL.

Giancinephile said...

Sounds like you really are serious on this one! Best of luck, my friend!!!! :)

I have given up hope on the merchandising here in Manille. They hardly have any vision and they offer the most unappealing selections from the designer labels! haha

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