Jul 14, 2009

A visit

It's been a while since I posted my outfit pics, and trust me I'm very eager to give more updates in Malaysia but I still have photos from Volgograd to feature. So...Like my other posts these are way way back when spring was at its prime. A visit to a mosque in a Tatar village was really dumbfounding. The warm reception by the Imam and his family touched our hearts and the modest facility in the building reminds me of how lucky we Malaysians are to have modern mosques near everyone's homes.

And of course this was the perfect opportunity for me to pose in front of Najmi's camera. The setting was interesting because around the mosque compound there are little quirky objects which serve as my picture background- green wooden lavatories, the mosque building itself and even a nearby Muslim cemetery! I had my usual thrifted sea foam trench on. Perhaps this was the last time I wore the cheap trench coat...the following days the weather was too hot to don such warm clothes! The 'vintage' Camel shoes are so subdue and my turqouise Sisley pants certainly gave a pop of colour!

This is by far my favourite picture in this blog

This is actually in a cemetery!

thrifted tunic shirt and trench coat, Threadless tee (underneath), Sisley pants, Camel Adventure shoes


adikmu efa said...

as usual..
love the pictures..

nge said...

love the pictures too

Giancinephile said...

I know how it feels foregoing layering in the tropics but it's good to be home, non?

I think the abundance of sunlight in the tropics is what I'll miss on if I move to Europe to pursue my fashion-related dreams... haha

Anonymous said...

i think u should trim ur hair as well change ur glasses...

naboonies said...

efa, thanks! you should compliment nge lol

Gian, it is good to be home but it's a daunting task to think about which outfits to wear in this humid tropics haha.

You're going to pursue something fashion related? Good for you! I'm sure you'll prefer the cool weather in Europe as I did!

anon, yes I'm about to trim my hair (I'm such a procrastinator it's annoying, i know). about the glasses.. I have another pair which is oversized (I love), but they're so tight on my temples, hence the reason I wear the old Marc Jacobs pair for ever.

Giancinephile said...

I'm planning to study menswear in Antwerp but it is confronted by a few IFS like if I get in and if I feel ready to do so... right now, I'm enjoying the art history program I'm in at a university here. haha

Anonymous said...

aaaah! those pants are killer! they're the perfect shade!

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