Jul 19, 2009

Style stalker: Muslim Hijab Galore

As a continuation of the previous entry and more importantly as a desperate attempt to revive my dwindling Style Stalker section, I'm uploading these photos of what congregates wear to mosque. These are absolutely modest clothes (which translates not figure hugging, not exposing specific parts of the body and of course covering the hair with hijab). Okay, another geriatric- sounding and yawn-inducing post I hear ye say but honestly to me people in this age group dress the most original, or at least they are not in the label or trend conscious pack. But don't fret just yet, there are some pics of bright young things here. The highlight of the outfits is the appropriate combination of prints, evidently....

Photos by Najmi

This babushka single-handedly defeats all the young hipsters out there! To my eyes she's the epitome of boho chic, and the most important thing is she does not even know what's boho chic to begin with. I mean, just look at all the crazy mix-matched prints and colours. The colour of her hijab, the prints on the bag and socks simply make her outfit look outstanding and unique.

This young lady on the other hand probably thinks about what she wears more. I think she's trying to match the colours of her hijab and blouse. In this case they blend perfectly well together , thanks to the clashing prints yet again.

The lady on the left also seems to mix and clash, but her companion in red looks pretty amazing with a pop of colourful floral print in her hijab, breaking the maroon in her whole outfit.

The Malaysian girls (three of them from the left) taking a snap with their beloved babushkas. In Malaysia ladies in Baju Kurung also tend to wear prints, but I've yet to see some inspiring print-clashing or patter-mixing phenomenon to wow me. In my place people seem to uphold this rule of thumb : The accessories must match and the hijab colour must complement the Baju Kurung as well. Bollocks may I say!

This picture is an obvious opposite of the previous ones- the white on his 'kopiah' and tee is so serene. I also like the fine embroidery detail on the black kopiah. T's a shame that I did not purchase any kopiahs during my weekly Friday congregations at the mosque. Well the reason being that they don't have my size that is.

And finally, this does not have anything to do with fashion/style. Aren't these kids just adorable????



Anonymous said...

i just love the baboshka in maroon with floral hijabs, inspiring...

sharinna said...

i love this post! =) it's really nice to see tht the muslims over there still uphold islamic values..

dunia4you said...

love this post, nice

Dinie said...

are u sure u took the pic because of his songkok?

naboonies said...

anonymous,i like the scar on her too.. the floral print just stands out in a good way.

sharinna, thank you, yes there are a minority on Russia who still uphold islamic culture and values!

dunia4you, thanks alot!

Dinie, there's always two purposes of taking photos ain't it? HAHA

AzAz said...

OMG cutenya abg 'kopiah' kita tuH

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