Jul 21, 2009

When the devils came to town

Okay I don't want to pretend like I love or know anything about football at all, but come on, who doesn't love it when some European football club make its way to our humble country? Correct me if I'm wrong, it's not just some club, it's Manchester United mind you.

I was kind of daydreaming throughout the whole event. Obviously not the biggest football fan (or any sports for that matter). Well, I did pay attention when someone attempted to score a goal. But admittedly the match was somehow entertaining. Frankly I think everybody was expecting that the Malaysian National team will get crushed and played over like nothing by the Red Devils. Boy was I wrong. Our national team did give a fight and their retaliation shocked Man U's goalkeeper to his core (okay I'm exaggerating but I'm sure he was surprised, even the tiniest bit) 3 to 2? Congratulations I say!

And it was a bland day outfit-wise. Just wanted to try on these new H&M tee and American Apparel cardigan that I got from eBay. I felt so silly bidding for almost 15 quids just to get a hold of this used garment. A lesson for the future I guess.

On the way to the stadium, in the LRT

Yes as you can see I went there with my sisters and female cousins

Not a very clear view from my seat

The new H&M tee bought on sale. There are some random photos printed on it.

American Apparel cardigan (eBay), H&M tee, U2 pants, Adidas Originals boat shoes

P/S: And yeah they're having a rematch tonight, but the tickets are so overpriced. I believe that ProEvents ( the company responsible for the ticketing) is raking lots of cash from these two matches alone....


Giancinephile said...

Public transportation in the southeast makes my sartorial choices a bit bland as well but I make up for the evening (particularly on night-outs) and layer all the way. And I just endure the uncomfortable feeling. An anything for fashion malady, perhaps? haha

Ashleigh said...

Oh my god!! You're soooo lucky you got to go to the MU match!! I'm stuck in uni with classes and assignments. Sigh.. =(

yeowhq said...

glory glory glory~

LJ said...

Nice..lookin forward to more of your outfit pics in malaysia. Malaysians are generally very boring when it comes to clothing..most malaysians are afraid to be different. must be due to our nature to judge people who are different from us. Haha..i owez get the "look" when wearing my red jeans.

Anyway..what do you think of Malaysians nowadays (fashion wise) after your years in europe?

CC said...

well, i love your shoes
cant say much else because i dont know anything about malaysia or 'football'
(we dont even call it that in the states)

O-man said...

ehh ur adidas macam my hush puppies

p.s.: last week walaupun kecewa a particular adidas promoter xde masa aku dtg, but kasut diorg cun gle..& discounted!!

naboonies said...

giancinephile: hear ye hear ye!

ashleigh, aww, maybe next time yes? don;t you worry, you didn't miss that much really.

hq, same here!

LJ, thank you, i completely grasp what you're trying to say... people here seem a lot more judgmental of unusual things...but i'm sure this happens anywhere in the world. but this somehow does hinder the development of fashion and streetstyle in Malaysia. that being said, i've seen a small group of people who dare to dress differently in our humble country (not to mention very trendy and contemporary of what happening in Europe)

i also get gawks and stares when i wore my red pants back in Russia, but that doesn't affect me the tiniest bit at all!

CC, thanks, it;s soccer right? oh just Wiki Malaysia and you'll get to know the basics LOL

Oman, really? since when HP do boat shoes haha. Better luck next time dude. Promoter tu xgi mane2 pon.. die mesti sembunyi, dia tau ko nak dtg kot LOLZ..

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