Sep 28, 2009

DUNIA FASHYON at Tongue In Chic

It's certainly a rare occasion that I post two entries on the same day (still trying hard to be one of those bloggers who manage to write 2-3 articles daily and be captivating and interesting at the same time). I usually wait for some time for the laziness inspiration to come by and try to blog every once in a while (and the fact that I'm currently at home should validate that statement all the while trying to live a 'normal' life).

The reason of this twice-a-day-post is due to a recent lovely comment from Melissa of My Style Diary, who has alerted me that DUNIA FASHYON has been featured on the Fashblog Focus section of Tongue In Chic. This Malaysian website is up and running a little more than a year ago, and it's one of the local fashion sites that I frequent when I first discovered 'fashion blogsphere'. A surprising fact that despite their usual post of woman's trends, style and cool ladies' blogs, and realising that this site is not exactly homme-centric I really feel honored to be featured here (although personally I'd like more flattering images of me up there instead of those of me wearing oversized dorky specs that I regretfully bought on eBay). Oh, and now I'm actually in Malaysia for good. But all in all this news is making me feel like walking on clouds right now.


And not forgetting the ever slightly attention hungry me can finally fill up my side bar with that bratty 'Featured In...' labels. MUAHAHAHA

Feel free to click here for the rest of the interview 


Giancinephile said...

Nice one! It is never tiring to bask in shameless self-promotion... I for one am an advocate of that! wahahahaaaaaa

malch said...

it's not suprising if u're invited to fashion week soon just like other bloggers!

keep up!!!

p/s: long time not see you on9! where the hell have you been?

naboonies said...

Gian, from the outside I may look guilty basking in self- promotion but deep inside actually I'm loving every moment of it HAHA!

Malch, nah.. that does not interest me much right now. I m just enjoying snapping pics and outfits.

P/S: using the PC at my home (which does not have YM. Facebook la wei!!!

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