Sep 14, 2009

Too Much Colors? Run!!!

The day I got the book I went out with my friends whom I did not meet for quite a long time, and I wore a completely foreign color combination to me: mauve  and cobalt blue and checks (just wiki-ed the color to confirm, I'm really colorblind vocabulary-wise).


Ah... just one of those kind of days when I go rampant with colorways, like a boy at the sight of a counter full with candy bars. Those gawking people must have thought that I was physically colorblind, or at least I grabbed my outfit blindfolded in a dark closet. But there is something bizarrely refreshing with the colors - I never see anyone mix these kinds of hues on their outfit, well on a guy to say the very least. Perhaps the color choice reflexes my joy of receiving the book?


Or perhaps I should have learned to colour-block from master Raf Simons at Jil Sander?
image credit

Benetton plaid shirt, H&M customised woman's blazer, People's trousers, pin/brooch from Sabah,  mum's doctor bag, ZARA lace-ups


CC said...

oh but i love your color choices
and raf's

Giancinephile said...

I must admit, I am rather afraid of putting too many colours in my ensemble! haha

A monochromatic palette is more likely but a little colour could trickle in from time to time...

and this reminds me I should be updating my blog with outfit posts! haha

naboonies said...

CC, thanks, I was doubting my color choices but then I thought what the heck, I'm wearing this outside!

Gian, yes I need to see more outfit posts from you, and a dash of colors here and there as well :)

khalid said...

keje dol...

Giancinephile said...

Well, the colour would take some time... my coming outfit posts were nothing beyond blacks, white, and grays... sometimes it's monochromatic... and yes, an affinity for black and white and all black ensembles. I'm sort of imposing this kind of discipline on me. STrange. haha

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