Sep 12, 2009

Unexpected gift: The Sartorialist Book

As you probably know already I posted an entry about how I wanted the book very very much, but could not get a hold of it due to Amazon shipping malarkey. Suddenly I remembered that a dear friend was in Paris for a business trip. During a few exchanges of twitter messages I did ask him to get me a copy but due to his crammed schedule he promised me to purchase one the next time he's in Paris again.

But I really didn't see this coming:

Okay I should have photoshopped my face here instead HAHA

It was a pleasant surprise indeed!

Apparently he did manage to go to Colette for the book-signing session by Scott Schuman himself! (refer The Sartorialis blog, 3rd September entry) Look what did he get me:


A lovely autograph from Mr. Schuman. At first the ever-oblivious me didn't notice the signature. But upon closer inspection it reads, in a vermicular way "Scott Schuman". Words just cannot explain my feelings when looking at this page...oh how I wish I was an eloquent/ articulate writer!

And yes, Jeng was my nickname in high school ( I'm about to open a whole can of worms to tell the story behind this name)

Sorry, just can't wipe that smirk off my face in this homage to The Ugly Truth poster

Well, considering the fact that I'm holding a copy of this precious masterpiece in my hands I hope I'm not too late to briefly review it. The book is essentially a collection of photos from Scott Schuman's blog, and contains exactly 512 pages of photos complete with indexing and some text (about why he chose those certain individuals to shoot, how he gets a mixture of both positive and negative comments from his readers regarding some controversial looks e.g: the alleged claim that he only shoots fashion people, and some personal remarks on his favorite subjects...)

Content-wise I share the exact sentiments with the ever-so-lovely Susie Bubble. I did expect more commentary from Mr Schuman and I think the present one contains too little information and basically are re-written from his blog. Perhaps the book is also aimed for the non-fashion people or those who don't follow his blog as well. I don't know exactly actually.

I shouldn't complain much really. It's a wonderful gift and I'd certainly cherish it for times to come. I'd probably bring this along with me for the fear of being uninspired, or when there is a lack of magazines/ stylish people on the streets/ Internet street style blogs/ lookbooks (cancel appropriately)...

On another note I'm giving love to this Matryoshka pin that I got in St. Petersburg, Russia. I instantly fell pray to the intricate details of the paint work. Oh, I have another set in blue as well!

vintage shirt, thai fisherman pants from eBay, Matryoshka pin, The Sartorialist book 
PS: To Kotok, this entry is impossible without you. Thank you for the best (early) birthday present ever, and thanks for introducing me to fashion and making me believe life is more than school and textbooks.


angelus said...


U (we) owe Kotoq biiiig time!!!

Shud ask him to one of our night out next time...n yes,the book as well...let us ooogling all over it

Giancinephile said...

That's just sooooo nice...

I'll prolly harass a friend who'd be on holiday to Hong Kong or somewhere in Europe to get me something from Raf Simons or Kris Van Assche... because they're unlikely to become available in my city.

As for the past, it's fun when you can look back to it and have a big laugh... Opening a whole can of worms can be quite relieving if not therapeutic... all for the sake of humour, don't you think? haha

naboonies said...

Angelus, sure sure one of these days I'll ask him. But he's always swamped in work so might need a proper plan.

Gian, it's always handy to have a friend who travels abroad and has the same interest in fashion. I'm sure you'll manage to pull off something to get the hold of those designers, but I hear their stuff cost $$$$$$ no?

Oh about nostalgia there are times when I want to call my ex-schoolmates and sit together and have a great laugh over the silliness that is high school. Embarrassing and entertaining at the same time!

Adam said...

that's so good mate! Can't believe you got your own signed copy! and as for your next post above i love the electric blue trousers, better than the jill sander/raf simons inspiration photo!

Giancinephile said...

Perhaps I'll be a publicity whore? But that's unlikely to happen as I'm really a SHY person (to some degree this is paradoxical).

I think I will stop purchasing clothes for the mean time so I can get something for the sales of the autumn/winter 09 merchandise... I really have my mind on either something by Margiela, Jil Sander, and KVA but I can only get one but this will only materialise if my practise of self-restraint would be effective!!! WISH ME LUCK!

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