Sep 4, 2009

Vintage gems in my own house

Right now I have much time to my disposal, but nothing much to do as I only stay at home and unfortunately blog-hopping doesn't seem to fill the void that is my idleness. So yesterday I decided to clean out my parent's old wardrobe (really really old, it dates back to the early years of my parents' marriage) and much to my amazement I discovered a handful of old but interesting articles of clothing which belong to my parents and my sister.

Here are bits and bobs of the fabrics / shirts/ dresses/ skirts etc that I unearthed:

Even though the musty odor of this mildew-infested singlet overwhelms my nostrils, I decided to wear it as it is! Reminds me of the tea-dye / salt-bake disaster a few months ago...Only that I have to wash it with spoonfuls of detergent!

A collection of vintage skirts

This extra strip of fabric inspires me to wrap it around my wrist (like a bandanna)

Camouflage-like print: might be either a great or ugly detail on a shirt/pant

Look at the floral print! If there's an extra fabric I might consider making a pair of trousers out of this :)

This Baju Kurung is adorned with very regal motifs. My mum wants to pass the garment to my sister. I say yay for family heirlooms!

This Indonesian batik shirt seems very outdated, and the color doesn't help much either. But what's interesting is the motif which I believe a rooster poking its tongue out? LOL

The original (but stained) vintage Adidas track bottom. That's it, I'm giving my trusty Clorox Bleach a try.

I didn't know that the side zipper style exist since long ago!

And it's made in France... I bet none of Adidas stuff are made in the European countries these days... talk about maximising the profits.

Initially seeing this beautiful pale blue songket made my heart skip a beat

But I became bradycardic when I saw the torn parts, and after deliberately yanking the fabric (which produced three hugeeeee holes, sorry dad!) it's confirmed that the traditional fabric is of no good to use.

The cool print on this cropped top + skirt makes me want to customise it into a nice shirt...

I can't help but think about Korean traditional costumes when I see this dress.

Nice lacework yes?

The fit of these shirts cannot be any better! This is really mind-boggling,creepy even, as I think how my father 20-30 years ago have the exact body measurements as I do now (does this mean I can inherit all his ailments?)...Can't wait to wear them on Hari Raya.

It's amazing to think that how such simple items can really bring nostalgia and evoke various emotions to the owner. When shown to my mother she started to tell me all the stories behind the garments - one shirt was her gift to my dad, the other derived from a fabric sent to the tailor and then came the adorable moment when my mother reminisced a red velvet skirt which my sister wore to her kindergarten talentime performance some 15 years ago.

Justify FullThe velvet skirt in point. So icky the fabric!

I might as well turn it into a fabulous headgear :O

And the most important thing, thanks to the discovery is I got to wear some of my dad's shirts which surprisingly fit me so well! The reward for patience and diligence reminds me to get my lazy derriere up and do some more chores around the house, specifically closet cleaning :)

The most treasured item that I discovered was a pair of Adidas track bottom that my father faithfully wore to his gymnastics competitions (yes, he was a gymnast in his high school years, apart from other sports that he participated in).

That's all folks, have a nice weekend!!!


adikmu si efa said...

was it my red velvet tadika berjaya skirt that you wore on your head?
i don't recall wearing that skirt once!
and bloody hell~lots of nice stuff in the old magic wardrobe then~
you should post the wardrobe picture.

o-man said...

hahaha headgear wtf!!!
jgn gune bleach lah on that pants. gune apekemende kaler pink tuh, ntah laa..

naboonies said...

efa, you have such a bad memory. the wardrobe is ugly!

o-man: ok i'll try the pink bleach first and then if the stain doesn't come out i'll use the ultimate bleach!

Dinie said...

i think its a garuda and not a chicken poking its tongue out! hahahaha

Giancinephile said...

Even with the most WTF articles of clothing I come across, I seemingly find use for them... clothes that challenge you are always good the same way a Yohji or a Margiela would... haha

angelus_izika said...

memoirs nyer............

naboonies said...

Dinie: yes that kinda makes sense!

Gian, Can't say it any better! So true, because sometimes clothes that are 'too safe' just bore me, and I need some challenge styling-wise.

angelus, harusssz memoir of parents old junks haha

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