Nov 15, 2009

A fashion-less life is sadly looming!

 WARNING - this is a semi-sentimental post and lacks substantial amounts of pictures. Please read at your own discretion.

I know I've been countlessly making excuses when it comes to delays in updating Dunia Fashyon. Let me be straightforward this time - I put the blame of my almost one-month hiatus from writing on the energy-consuming job in the hospital. In fact, I was just getting used to the health care madness, the manic hierarchic system and the overwhelming flow of entirely alien information that's currently rummaging my tiny brain.

This is my first month as a houseman and look how it has taken it's toll on my life (i.e  life in general and of course, fashion-wise! ) . The only thing that I manage to do, coming back from work  is to change into sleepwear (and this sometimes I even miss, at times, being too exhausted I SLEEP in my work shirts and pants) and tuck into my bed straight away.

A boring cycle that is my present worklife -after getting up and  having a quick shower, there is little time left to THINK and to pick what clothes to wear any given day. I just grab any shirt that, luckily, my mother has generously ironed for me beforehand, and have a small bite for breakfast before starting the car to work.No time to think about fit, proportions, colours and such. I have all my ties pre tied for goodness sake! It's like dressing in the dark, only in my case I'm completely aware of what I'm putting on my body. The result is an appalling mismatch jumble of department-store altered pants, ties on dress shirts and  dusty unpolished vintage shoes. (the pictures of which I'm quite ashamed to show you guys, but when there's time I'll try to muster some courage to put on Dunia Fashyon anyway).


my very first day at work, yes we still use punch cards over this part of the world. I'm wearing literally seedy workwear- SEED shirt, Topman polyester tie, altered *Celio trousers, Benetton bag


angelus_izika said...

was that...5 am?

yeowhq said...

hey how are you??

Adz Ariff said...

Aha...I thought you look familiar when I saw you around Selayang Hospital. Puas fikir kat mane penah jumpa. Rupanya pernah end up here while blog hopping around. You are in Ortho posting kan? That was my second posting; I'm in O&G now. Say hi to Jazly, Irfan, Asyraf and Ija for me. :)

Penapenis said...

hey bro. kinda miss ya ^_^

Marta Represa said...

Your blog is so cool!


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