Oct 13, 2009

Being tied between religion and self-indulgence

The fact that some items in my wardrobe are unwearable due to some religious reasons is always a dreadful thing that happens in DUNIA FASHYON. I have met with few memorable encounters, most of which comprise of silly and careless mistakes in the choice of the materials - please take note that as a male Muslim I can't wear specific fabric/materials/objects which are meant for the ladies (gold and silk, bracelets /bangles/ necklaces to name a few)... so I have a few 100% silk ties and bangles lying around in the house and in dire need of an owner who will appreciate them better...

And of course there's this heavy, gut-wrenching feeling of disappointment after purchasing beautiful shoes that you're lusting after for so long, only to find out later that they contain PIGSKIN. Needless to say a Muslim has to perform some religious routines after touching the above-said animal hide.

Ergo, here comes my shameless promotion for my two unworn treasures that I have to let go in order to perform my duty as a Muslim (at least by abiding its laws), and also to have a little bit of cash flowing in (a little strapped for dough in the moment as I just started working)... These shoes are guaranteed unworn, in perfect condition and come with original boxes, no less.

Dear readers, please feel free to click HERE to have a look of the items on sale, your time browsing is greatly appreciated :)


angelus_izika said...

tie silk 100% takleh pakai ek? I kinda heard cam bleh since it will be wore with a non-silk shirt n else...so..takla mcm pakai the whole outfit made of silk (unlike baju kurung)

unless,of course you're planning for a night out with wearing ONLY the tie

but do recheck...maklumla otak dah berkarat

n congrats sbb still manage to update blog !

Giancinephile said...

I can feel the pain of letting go! It's hard to let go of articles of clothing like shoes.

It's ironic how a lot of designers these days use pigskin instead of calfskin. Perhaps its a cheaper material...
I remember my 'monogrammed' Gucci sneakers is made of pigskin. I was turned daft discovering that after the purchase ages ago. haha

Hope you find new beautiful shoes that will work for you in the future! ;)

naboonies said...

setau aku if it's silk, it's still silk lorr.. hmm ntha la, tp aku dah was-was ni! thanks, i do have some free time after work now neyh!

Nothing is more disappointing than realizing that the things that you thought 'luxury' items are actually not.

Gucci? PIGSKIN? Such an abomination! Cant believe they use pigskin too!!!

My hope is to buy a perfect pair of shoes that are comfortable given that my profession right now involves a lot of standing and running. A pair of Crocs perhaps? hahahaha

H&F said...

please don't get one of em Crocs..

u can always wear flip-flops but nay to Crocs.

next time check the labels=) I wear bracelets and necklace.. Hint hint=)

Penapenis said...

kindly update your blog, sir!

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