Nov 29, 2009

Shopping in Singapore and high-fashion substitutes

It's hard not to notice a bright entrance like this one!

Shopping in Singapore somehow is more enjoyable and somewhat fulfilling for fashion enthusiasts like me in comparison to KL. Not to belittle my own country but after being at the  famous Orchard Road which houses tons of brands not available in KL itself I almost made a pact not to shop in KL anymore ( okay that pact will only materialize if I have a bank account with endless digits in it)

ION Orchard. Okay now we're talking.

The best example is Club 21- Lots of cult labels are stocked in the multi-labeled store which is perched quite discreetly in the unassuming Hilton building. Japanese fashion heavy weights like Yohji,  Jun Takahashi and the likes are all stocked, despite in a rather limited quantity in the double-floored boutique. European big brands like Lanvin, McQueen and Margiela are there too. Had only they were on sale (which according to my friend are heavily discounted come Xmas Day) i would even consider purchasing something that I'd appreciate wearing for the rest of my mundane fashion-less life.

This is not Hilton

Oh, not to forget Hilton itself houses standalone boutiques- say hello to Dries Van Noten (who happened to have the most creative window display - a Christmas tree made  of colorful light bulbs) and Balenciaga - with their key piece this season i.e the draped skirt (I like to call it the diaper effect) on display!

It goes without saying that a substitute for my endless high-fashion crave had to be found on Orchard Road itself. As a pauper I found myself in the middle of Isetan Exhibition Hall avidly studying  50-60% off CK Calvin Klein items  before making up my mind...I finally went home with a black nylon bag with an additional compartment a la a newspaper stuck on tothe briefcase( I've seen it before but I can't remember what dandy  label the original idea came from...any heads up?)


The second item that made the way into my wardrobe is these perforated ladies booties?. Very YSL caged boots Dinie said. Yes, indeed.


All in all it was  rather enjoyable / somewhat fulfilling being able to purchase something similar that I saw in KL last season with a a double price markup. Well at least the booties are 100% leather!

What I wore to meet Dinie- a thrifted Tesco blazer with DIY studs on the shoulders, Weekend tee, H&M jeans, newly-bought CK perforated booties. Accessories: eBay vintage clutch and Guess watch


Giancinephile said...

Lovin' the perforated booties! haha

In my case, I think shopping will EXIST only in Singapour or Hong Kong.

Manila caters sooo much to the bourgeoisie! Vuitton! Gucci! Ugh!!!!
I have sworn even more loath on those logo-centric labels! haha

Anonymous said...
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Khairul M. Khalid said...

lawala beg tu :-)

Linolumixa said...

I've seen a similar newspaper bag and it was a Bruno Pieters design for Delvaux. Not sure if it is truly their original idea.

naboonies said...

Linolumxa, thanks for the heads up. Perhaps this style is already ubiquitous somewhere out there. I saw a beautiful classic brown leather briefcase with straps to hold newspapers/magazines on the side of the bag , almost similar like the bag above, but can't recall which label it is from

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