Dec 20, 2009

Wishing for Sixpack

No don't get me wrong. It's not like I'm desperate to have a six-pack washboard ab thank you very much, but seeing Giancinephile's post of marbled print goodness (Gian, personally I'd be enjoying Chemistry lessons more at school had it been more visual with all the colourful tints and hues) just reminded me of the French streetwear label Sixpack (the t-shirts of which I saw, touched and photographed during the Singapore trip).




The t-shirts above (can't remember exactly from which collection, but most probably Spring 2010 given the airy t-shirts presented) gives me a lukewarm response compared to the Sixpack collaboration pieces with PMFKA  which promises more thought in design rather than random imagery splat flat on a tee... I especially like the intertwining of colours - precisely the chemistry of combining art on a simple piece of clothing item, which allures me even more... This somehow justifies that most collaborative efforts (minus the ones involving celebs though) are the closest that you can get to RTW from *insert some big-shot designer lable here*

I give an extra mark to the printed scarf though (perfect for shielding from that cold winter breeze..evidently I'm still reminiscing the good old times during Russian winter.. privyet dear Russian comrades, if you're reading this, has the temperature dropped down to -20 degrees yet? Brrrr!)

1 comment:

Giancinephile said...

Damn their tee shirts are so desirable! I always want something each time I visit the site.

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