Dec 25, 2009

the naughtical J.W Anderson

I might be stoned for wasting your time with some stale SS09 news, but after a random blog hopping my attention caught on this British menswear designer, J.W Anderson  with his  SS09 Collection that particularly attracts my attention. It's a rather biased statement I'm afraid because I love everything nautical (even though there's a slightest hint of it). Jonathan William Anderson debuted his collection in 2007 right after graduating from London College of Fashion, at which point he already established his label.

Anyway dear readers, just ignore my substandard commentary and feast your eyes on his collection.

 There's a recurrent theme of bandage-esque socks on this collection. I wonder if it's just for the runway or more importantly are they on sale as well. Either way it ignites the DIY switch in me- I could borrow/ steal rolls of crepe bandage lying around the hospital and dye them with Dylon black!

Rolled cuffs , a tiny neckerchief paired with billowy pants - just my fantasy ideal of what I'd wear if I was onboard some fancy cruiser.

The shirt-dress looks fine, but it's an obvious reminiscent of the ubiquitous past season (or still lingering like a pest) trend seen on ladies on the streets of Stockholm..

Swimsuits with a cardigan? Spot on!

And the rest of what looks like nautically inspired (with the intriguing mythical / religious connotations evident on the accessories)

The lion + chain mail + ethnic print on the prints makes me knees weak (not in a meniscal tear/ osteoarthritic way, though)

There's a lot more to talk about with his rather successful previous collections, especially his seemingly dark and twisted Russian Tsardom/ Rasputin-inspired collection and his upcoming SS 2010 preview (okay I'm not very eloquent in terms of giving adjectives, as you already know my vocabulary revolves around the words 'cool' or 'nice' or 'great' )....please please I don't want you to aim your M-16 at me lest I comment on this..

Oh, and btw, have a Merry Xmas everyone! HOHOHO...

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