Mar 10, 2011

Gareth Pugh AW 11/12 - continuity of aesthetics

I'm not trying to sound like I know Gareth Pugh's designs very well so this entry might be as loosely written as you could see. In general I think this designer has always produced collections which evoke that dark, brooding  emotion with its extreme silhouettes and proportion, not to mention the predominantly black colour used, yet painfully beautiful all the while (see, I told you I'm shite at opining collections. OKAY, let's just simply say his designs have gothic influences, there you go...).


Anyhow this time around he still remains to his aesthetics of fine architectural shapes and technically precise cuts that many tall, lithe current young generation would love to possess...



A little bit of metal trickled down the collection in a version of shiny gold stripes over this beautifully constructed jacket and legging...





Gold discoball dress also made its way into this collection... Very Margiela of last two seasons methinks.


The only colour in the collection (well, besides shiny gold) is a shade of blue of what I think as cerulean (well, Tim Blanks said it was cobalt blue, thus I might be wrong altogether.) That hue was used in the men's suit and lady's ethereal dresses...






The design of the clothes are echoed in the accessories department with the black and gold leather clutches, bags, iPhone and Blackberry cases with triangular details. The bags also have the lining with similar print like on the clothes. 


The most interesting piece for me is this ring that is worn in the most unusual way. It reminds me of the carabiner that rock climbers oftly use...



And finally the designer himself impeccably clad in his latest creation, busy tweeting away with Black Berry I suppose? As usual I chickened out to say hi to him. Oh well....



mysticaldodo said...

Amazing! Thanks for posting the pics. The clothes look great even in the candid photographs.

naboonies said...

mysticaldodo: you're welcome. thank you for reading my blog in the first place. the clothes are even better closeups i tells ya. the details, and the workmanship is so fine!

Idiosyncrasy +DTRW... said...

i feel like to vomit right now with excitement lol so damn wicked I really like your blog! It is amazing! :)
..Check out my blog, lets follow each other....


i like gp (and ro), but to be honest, i always wonder why they are described as "gothic". if its the analogy to cross-ribbed vaulting, it make sense. but the style in general would be more of cyberpunk or any kind of warrior futuro.

Rosenrot said...

I am a huge fan of GP. Thanks for posting these pictures! Where did you take them from by the way?

Michael said...

Thanks a lot for sharing these photos. At first glance I hated this collection, but it has grown on me so much over the past few months that now I can almost say it is my favorite collection of the season. Can't wait to handle these in person. M

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