Apr 17, 2011

Musa relocation sale

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Our RELOCATION SALE starts today!!!
Crazy discounts in store now.
UP TO 90% off!!!


MUSA will be relocating to a more strategic spot soon and hence the relocation sale.
I received this rather simple e-mail in my inbox a couple of days ago and it instantly cheered me up while I was slaving away at my seriously mundane, unfashionable workplace. I was basically grinning ear to ear when I read the "up to 90% off" line. Yes, you read that right! 

I've been told the furniture in the premise is up for sale as well. 

I will probably go there tomorrow with my girl friends and see if there is anything worth purchasing (in which there is a high probability of me getting home NOT empty-handed). As you would have known substantial sales makes my knees wobble and I will likely succumb to the capitalistic temptations, willingly.

Yes, I'm weak just like that.

 P/S: If you don't want to miss the action hurry up as I presume the sales will only have a few days left...


Petra said...

Nice! 90% !! Thanks for the tip! :)

mystical said...

Thanks for the tip. Picked up a couple of stuff there for descent prices. Unfortunately i didn't see any 90% off. Did u snap all of those up? ;)

Did you know Lanvin is also having moving out sales?

dunia fashyon said...

Petra.. no problems. hope you managed to visit the place and snag something for you

mystical.. there were actually some stuff that were 90% off such as Cheap Monday, Agatha. At least that's what I remember. I did snag a a thing or two days ago.
Lanvin is having sales? When is it ending? Tell me pleaseee..

mystical said...


Lanvin sales is until April 30th.

However the selection is pretty lame compared to Lanvin Singapore. The prices even after discount are still more expensive then full retail at Matches fashion. Maybe some of the stuff like the t-shirts are cheaper...but really do u wanna spend RM 500 on t-shirts :S

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