Mar 11, 2012


The recent Marni at H&M acquisition has left a huge dent in my bank account but I still have few other significant purchases to be done (which is in some way related to both fashion and my current profession, I promise). Unfortunately some of the items that I saw in person were really a let down compared to what I perceived from the look book - the flimsy leather tote with saggy base immediately threw me off, the awkwardly-constructed striped short-sleeved cashmere does not really work with my height, and the gaudy printed shirts is a tad too much EVEN for me. However few of the items DID catch my attention namely the bright canary yellow shirt and a midnight blue shirt with subtle prints. I'm quite taken aback by the fact that the material used is 100% cotton as I would suspect some degree of artificial fabric to disgustingly cheapen the pieces (polyester, for example).

Apart from the shirts I also had an staggering interest in the accessories section (if you guessed that I purchased the plastic jewelries you're quite wrong - wearing necklaces and statement bangles is just not up my alley, even though I've tried it once). On the other hand I was more attracted to the sandals (yup, I'm that pathetic, being attracted to things instead of human beings). The winning combo that immediately made me like the sandals very much is the cut-out details AND they are in real leather, soles included. Plus, the clear green plastic as the shoe box, complete with a shoe bag has left my appreciating the footwear ever more. 

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket 
 Naturally, looking back at the pieces from this collection has ignited a styling spark in me and here we go... 

First up, the canary yellow shirt can be paired with so many other things like color-blocking, for example. And I won't shy away from color-blocking (please ignore the color-blocking fad from womenswear though) as the vibrant colour of the shirt can be amplified even more with bright coloured pants. Or, if you prefer, it otherwise can be toned down pairing with a t-shirt/ sheer shirt/ light jacket or blazer of darker hues.
 Topman limitied t-shirt, Sisley pants

Vintage scarf-shirt from Chic Pop, harem pants from Seed

Sheer shirt from Philosophy Men, eBay belt, Celio woolen trousers

DIY studded blazer from Tesco, Celio woolen trousers 
On the other hand, the short-sleeved shirt with subtle prints is ever more versatile and you can dress is up or down, depending on the occasion. My suggestion is pairing it with jogging pants for that cool sports luxe feel, or dress it up with a preppier look, pairing it with a V-neck sweater...
Wearing the blue shirt with Celio woolen trousers

Uniqlo jumper and Celio trousers

Balenciaga t-shirt, Cheap Monday jogging pants


Apart from that, the sandals can be also worn in a multitude of styles - with or without socks, depending on your preference. Maybe you'd prefer showing off those pedicured nails?
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

*P/S: Much apologies for the distorted and out-of-proportion photos. This is what you get when taking pictures by yourself and cropping unnecessary intruding objects!

PPS: I've switched the editing and cropping from Photobucket to
Picnik. It worked better apparently!


mystical said...

Those slippers are awesome!

I must defend our misunderstood friend polyester.

There's certainly nothing wrong with cotton & polyester blend. Cotton polyester blends are fantastic at wicking sweat away from the body and are often used in sportswear. They hold up pretty well too after many washes (provided you line dry). Nike's cotton polyester is fantastic, their polyester shirts even more so.

Maybe there are different grades of cotton polyester blends. I don't know how H&M's quality but Nike's is pretty good in my books I also have a Marni polyester jacket which holds up very well need to iron! :) lets not start with Lanvin's use of polyester ;)

naboonies said...

mystical, thank you for your insight about polyester and its advantages. What I was trying to say in my post was I don't prefer widespread use of the artificial fabric as I believe it is cheaper to produce so rather than say, planting cotton and harvesting the crop, processing it and possibly dozens other steps to produce cotton fabric. I might be in the dark as I'm saying this but that is how I see it. But then again, maybe I'm blindly supporting 'organic' fabrics without thinking the far more advantages of polyester...

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