Mar 5, 2012

A plethora of Zalora

To say that I have seen no credible Malaysian online shops around is an overstatement but the truth is, apart from the mushrooming blogshops, there is still a lack of efficient and fuss-free local e-tailers. Yes, you may speedily contort - what about the likes of Fashion Valet, Chic Yamada or even Leftblock. I do agree these online boutiques are quite on par with big overseas counterparts, but to my defense these sites' focus is mainly on womenswear, hence leaving guys with relativer fewer options. 

My brethren do not have to worry as the gentlemen's plea is heard by the emergence of Zalora, a British online company (in the UK the site is named Zalando). This website caters to both ladies and men, in equal manner. The brands that they offer are a delightful mix of both international, commercial labels and and our own up-and-coming designers, namely Bernard Chandran's Area 27, Gallo by Thian, Pestle and Mortar....Needless to say the list is quite exhaustive. Nevertheless I think they might need more labels in the future to cater to fashion-hungry Malaysians.

Price-wise most of the items on sale are in the middle range category, and comparatively not exorbitantly priced, depending on which labels you are looking for, of course. A T-shirt from say, Pestle and Mortar ranges from RM30 to RM50 (i.e. their standard pricing) and shoes from Zang Toi fall in the RM100 - RM 300 range, which is quite reasonable to me. On the other hand an asymmetrical dress by Area 27 will set you back at RM1440.

When I mentioned fuss-free, I feel that this website can be a benchmark for other e-tailers out there in a sense that they offer a range of efficient-sounding services namely three-hour delivery, cash on delivery, 30 days return an free shipping nationwide - a feature very vital for today's burgeoning on-line shopping culture.

My favorite items from the site are Area 27's Durian printed t-shirt, Gallo by Thian's Neon Star in Sheer Smart Blouse with Star Print and the Kampung grey singlet by Pestle and Mortar...

Dear Dunia Fashyon readers,to help you make a decision at a much reduced price, I'm pleased to offer you guys this limited-time unique voucher code: ZLFOZ_HFZ1iL

The voucher code comes with following conditions:
- It is valid only from 1st to 31st March 2012.
- It offers RM30 off with a minimum purchase of RM100
- Please remember to key in your voucher code at the checkout page for it to count.

Happy shopping! 

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