Sep 26, 2012

Diptyque candle: Figuier

So last weekend, Hafidzudin and I decided to spent time for lunch together and what other perfect place to go than Bangsar Village (well Publika used to be the ‘perfect’ place for me until it became 'perfect' for everyone else too). We picked Delicious as the Chocolate Sundae had my name on it (only that day, I promise!) and the cosy smoking area somewhat veto-ed our decision (being habitual smoker that I am).

Upon leaving, we made a quick stop at the Diptyque counter. If you recall, Hafidzudin made quite an elaborative post on this fabulous perfumer during our fashion week trip to Paris in March last year.

I have been burning the same scent of ‘Opopanax’ for the past 7 glasses now and decided for a change. After all, Diptyque has more than 50 different scents each categorized under fruity, floral, herbal, spicy and woody (perhaps the names of dwarves that Snow White seeks to in time of need of perfumery – joking!).

Decidedly, I picked ‘Figuier’ as my ‘game changer’. I fell in love with how the scent is primarily fruity (from fig fruits & leaves, obviously) with a slight note of woodiness arguably comes from the fig woods. The scent reminds me of Mediterranean summer vacation (that never took place); and the sacredness of the fig fruit in Islamic religion.

Locally, fig fruit is called ‘buah Tin’ and in the holy book Quran there’s a dedicated sura’ (eponymously named ‘At-Tin’ – ‘The Fig’). I have been burning the candle for 2-3 hours everyday now and am enjoying every second of it.

I know the price is rather steep for a candle but until you buy one, it will be hard not to justify the pricing. Rest assured, once you started you can never go back!

Written by Arman 
twitter: @malaychic


thompsonboy said...

a little steep? Its super steep!!!

malaychic said...

thompsonboy: Well it's been a worthy investment so far! :)

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