Sep 25, 2012

Fashionable Coincidence or Coincidentally Fashionable?

I have been meaning to blog about it weeks ago but schedule has been crazy. Hopefully this will be the last I am blogging in relation to H&M Lot 10 opening (apologies as I am finding it hard to contain my excitement, you see!)

We received an invite for the H&M Grand Opening event by end of August. Almost the same time Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2013 about to take off in New York. Fashion people then start tweeting/ ‘instagram’-ing (like it’s a ritual every season) all the invites they received for every event.

Burberry through their official Twitter account tweeted a photo of their own invite. I can’t help but to be reminded of their similarities!

Both invites used similar pop-up techniques (whilst obviously Burberry has more intricate laser-cut details – window panes, clock tower, flag) I find it gratifying that both invites are almost conceptually the same.

The H&M card featured Kuala Lumpur skyline with the Petronas Twin Towers and KL Tower standing at the forefront perhaps a perfect epitome of my beloved city. The color black dominated the whole design with contrasting white used in typography and in differentiating all smaller details of the buildings. What I find most peculiar in regards of the H&M invite is the absence of the wording ‘H&M’ itself! Perhaps ‘discreteness’ is the new black, or so they say.

Interestingly, Burberry opted for the total opposite of black hence the color French vanilla dominated the card design. Intricately-cut buildings which include St. Paul Cathedral, Nelson's Column (of Trafalgar Square), Big Ben and of course, their newly open London flagship at 165, Regents Street stood proudly representing the London skyline.

Albeit applying the same technique, both are uniquely different. Same can be said about fashion. One can be a master of drapery (ahem! Monsieur Elbaz) and the other can be a master of laser prints (cough cough Katrantzou); fashion is a universe which means no one should put a limit on anything.

My writing is not about who copying who but objectively about individuality in interpreting
ideas. That’s what makes fashion so timeless and beautiful!

Burberry invitation card images source: Burberry Twitter

Written by Arman

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