Oct 10, 2012

Maison Martin Margiela for H&M campaign

The images of the much-awaited Maison Martin Margiela for H&M collaboration have leaked and I have been palpitating for the proper lookbook and price listings.

British artist Sam Taylor-Johnson took the reins for the photo shoot and a series of short films (which are slated to release November 8) for the campaign. Shot in Paris, the ads feature both men and women in candid settings. The models look believably 'serene' despite the chaotic urban setting, which is what Taylor-Johnson intended for this campaign.

What's interesting that I notice is the strong essence of Margiela throughout the images, besides the clothes themselves. Case in point: the trompe l'oeil effect on the walls and the anonymity of the cars, covered in a sheath of white cloth. Somehow our previous trip to Margiela HQ crept up in my mind (where these techniques are fairly evident all across its headquarters, and also served to be the inspiration for Margiela home products).

 images via fashionista.com

And here's a glimpse of the sketches that will be possibly included in the production line:

The H&M website hasn't posted anything pertaining to this commercial project yet. But I suspect similar looking pieces from the proper collection (with lots of outerwear in mind) at a fraction of the exorbitant designer price, naturally.  Either way it's always good for the perpetually financially challenged like us, no?

P/S: Malaysia has been 'bombarded' by this Swedish retail giant since last month with its flagship opening in KL, and then Setia Alam store launch, and consequently with Anna Dello Russo x H&M accessories collab set in motion earlier this month (did not exactly purchase any of Dello Russo's golden earrings, gaudy plastic luggage nor lizard sunglasses - not sure they're flying off the shelves exactly either, will probably visit soon to ascertain what's left).

Honestly I'm not sure how much more collaborations the citizen of Kuala Lumpur can handle at this point but I might be wrong, as the incessant queue for the H&M opening last time has proven...

written by Hafidzudin



I was kind of surprised with Margiela colab.

naboonies said...

The Divinitus, initially I was also taken aback as soon as I heard the news! Hopefully this will be a good collab...

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