Dec 21, 2012

Baden Baden Bundle, revisited

It has been a while since we covered recycled fashion (the term "thrift" is getting jaded ever increasingly, don't you think?) and what else can be refreshing than revisiting the enormous Baden Baden Bundle in Port Dickson? Thanks to my current post I'm situated a mere forty minutes or so from the used clothing outlet. My previous visit was at night and consequently there were dark photos with flashes but luckily this time around  I managed to pay BBB a visit in the broad daylight which promised better-illuminated images.

The overall layout of the place is more or less the same, just as I remembered from my previous visit about two years ago. Dedicated sections for bags, slogan/band T-shirts and footwear are there as previously (with a keen eye for observation, one could unearth designer gems from unexpected corners - when I was there I stumbled upon a Jean-Charles de Castelbajac backpack and a pair of Lanvin pumps hiding in a sea of high-street shoe labels). However one section I particularly found missing is the one-ringgit scarf bin, that was quite a let down. 

The familiarity of the layout goes on with similar rows and rows of clothes for both genders in a variable range of sizes, and a small 'miscellaneous' division occupying a portion of the space, comprising plush toys (including a Pikachu and an adorable toy pony with Japanese writing on its saddle), used towels, lingerie, boxers and briefs (eek, obviously I'm pretty skeptical about the hygiene issue!) and a sizable collection of carpets, duvets and table cloths which again, inevitably raises the dubious cleanliness question. Case in point - my intention to purchase a visually interesting carpet was deterred by the allergy-inducing dust (and probably a million other microscopic organism unseen by the naked eye) covering it …

After a good hour of rummaging or so, I went home a happy camper with a vintage (from my humble observation) Levi's denim jacket with a Japanese care tag - absolutely a bargain, and definitely a great addition to my wardrobe as I don't have a proper denim jacket to call my own (unquestionably it is vital to soak the jacket in hot water with laundry detergent prior to wearing…).

With the mushrooming of similar-looking 'bundle' clothing shops selling tired-looking clothes, I feel that Baden Baden Bundle could use some improvement to their benefit. Perhaps start with notching in the styling department (mannequins garbed in the 'latest' trends could be an eye-catcher and potentially inspire shoppers) and perhaps, include more varieties of items to offer (accessories like graphic scarves, jewelries and such, s'il vous plâit?). And please stop selling used underwear and someone else's towels, thanks.

P/S: Speaking about recycling fashion, the news of H&M's environmentally conscious program is definitely a good one to hear! Finally, an effort to reduce the throwaway mentality of high-street fashion (which I personally do not practice) and possibly decreasing the carbon print in the future has now materialized. Time could only tell whether this venture will really take off or, will it just become another fad in marketing strategy?

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