Dec 19, 2012

IKEA Family pouch

(This post is certainly not about the IKEA Monkey).

It is very seldom to find a family-related post in Dunia Fashyon. Well, not literally of course. Another rare occasion is finding something that is remotely fashion in a furniture warehouse, in the form of this IKEA Family product that I just acquired - an Upptäcka case made of polyester / synthetic rubber mix. It's funny how I proclaim myself as a bargain hunter but realise how a slowpoke I am to just noticing the benefits of an IKEA Family member (bonus points redemptions, reduction in meal prices, and more importantly, discounts on certain products, among others). And the the white case is included in the offer!

I'm just so attracted to the minimal hassle-free design (a hallmark of IKEA Family range) and the affordability of the item, above all. This might just be my go-to pouch to grab a cuppa at the neighbourhood mamak stall, or a space to hold my toiletries during travelling, without worrying much about spilling the tarik or caked toothpaste onto the item...

Wearing Uniqlo tee, Cheap Monday PVC patch jeans, H&M creepers

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

still available at ikea eh?

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