Dec 18, 2012

The Big Bad Wolf!

We at Dunia Fashyon always have the propensity towards lusting over imported books. However it seems that we frequently hold back from purchasing them due to the steep price whenever they reach our shores. But when an occasion like the Big Bad Wolf anual book sale creeps up, we feel that it is the perfect chance to own beautiful yet affordable publications. Starting from 7 to 23rd December, the Mines International Exhibition and Conference Centre is filled with THREE MILION books (or so the organiser claims) of all genres, complete with humorous comic-strip style banners depicting 'big bad wolves' exclaiming catchphrases, something like 'books too cheap to steal' lining the exhibition hall walls.

Last weekend was a good timing to pay a visit what is deemed to be the "largest book fair in the world". Well, the good news is they open for extra long hours on weekends (sixty hours straight from nine a.m starting Friday till nine p.m Sunday). The bad news is of course the hall will be packed with bargain hunters looking for a cheapie publication or two... So we cunningly devised to grab them at rock-bottom prices specifically at the wee hours of four in the morning! 

Both Arman and I targeted for design and photography books, naturally. Vivid prints at up to 95 percent off retail? We felt foolish not to snag a few. Arman managed to purchase Kanye West's Glow in the Dark ($90 at Amazon!) and the biggest set of twin Modern Architecture books, all at a very attractive price. I might be exaggerating but I feel that we won't be needing to buy design-related books for the rest of 2013...

Post edit: Looking at Business of Fashion's recommended fashion books for Christmas (a desirable list compiled by respectable fashion journalist Colin McDowell)  has made me secretly yearning for them to become heavily discounted during the Big Bad Wolf sales next year!

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